Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ah! Sabbath!
Brent has the most amazing job in the world. Really, it's not a job. It's what he is called to do. No doubt. Sometimes it can leave us so busy. Not busy in a bad way, but just apart from each other as a family. Today, we had NO plans after church. This maybe the first day in 7 weeks we have had nothing planned! The sun was out, cell phones were off, the kids were snotty, Brent was home, and I was thrilled! The college is our favorite family hangout. MR and FB love playing at the fountains.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Present for Mom

Today I cleaned up poop. No, not just changing a diaper. Poop. On my hard wood floor.... in two separate places (this is where I give three cheers for not having carpet!). We do not have pets, just two precious girls. Little one came and so pleasantly told me with her pants around her ankles, “I POOT IN MAHWEE’S FLO-UH!”. She was truly proud of herself. She had progressed from her diaper to leaving a present for Dora at her playhouse door step. My brain couldn’t get over the fact that she had only a few more steps into the bathroom to use her little potty. In fact, she had moments earlier thrown the whole role of toilet paper in the “Big Potty”. After all the commotion I hear her in the bedroom saying, "DO DA-DATAS DO! IT'S A BOOTIFUL DAY!".
Translation: Go Gators Go!
I'm pretty sure Brent put her up to this.
Today I carried poop.
And for that very reason alone, I am going to bed at the very early hour of 11pm.
(and yes. for the record, I DID take a pic of it to remind my husband that even though he has crazy days helping students through hardships and occasional drama... I LITERALLY carried poop. ;)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Round Here....
a little two year old (it hurts to type those words) is obsessed with puzzles.

little girls are being read to.
 a daddy is getting spontaneously getting kissed

 and kicked....
 and ignored.
breathing treatments are a routine and a certain little person doesn't mind them one bit...
in fact, she insists.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is RIGHT about the "Church"?

As someone who has gone to church her whole life, I have first hand experience with what is WRONG with the church. Like every person who wants to see the church get "better" (whatever that means), I could make a huge list of weak areas. For once I would like to point out what is RIGHT about the church. Church in my little blog post means the people who are actively seeking Christ and surrendering to him, not the brick building I sit in on Sundays. As a pastor's wife I have been burned by the church, but also tremendously BLESSED by the church.
(I will do another post about the blessings from just this week!)
Some of you know about the PASSION conference and some may not. Basically, it started when I was in college. It is for college age students. It is a huge movement to bring college students together in fellowship and proclaim Christ. So you don't believe in God, and that statement means nothing to you. I get it, BUT the reason I want to share it with you is because these students are changing the world by loving on the unlovable. I have been truly impressed by how these college students are not just students who are big mouth Christians, but are actually giving life to others because of their actions. They are helping free girls from sexual slavery, building wells for villages who do not have clean water, meeting the needs of local homeless shelters, and helping stop many other social injustices! The list goes on.
PASSION conference is starting today in Atlanta. Our church has around 44 college students going and other local churches have students going as well! I am truly excited about the difference this generation of students will make!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Catalyst Catch Up...

Brent, Kevin, Veresa, and I are at Catalyst.
We are in the Compassion Sky Box. Which has been super fun and waaaay more comfortable;).
On top of that we have been treated to the XP3 tent which means no standing in huge long lines for food, and fellowship with other Student Pastors.
I'll try to leave a few of my favorite quotes on here if I can remember them (I mean I did sit there for 11 hrs.).
I left my notes in the car along with my SIX new free t-shirts! :)
Who can resist a swag bag full of freebies?
The worship leaders have included the most incredible talent: Aaron Keyes, Eddie Kirkland, Kristina Fincher, Carlos Whitaker, John Mark McMillan, and many others.
The speakers this year have just been anointed and aren't here for "shock" value but for the VALUE of truth.
The social injustice issues have been tear jerking and MOTIVATING!
From a former night club owner realizing God's call on his life and raising millions for clean water around the world, to a woman rescuing girls taken in to the sex trafficking has truly been humbling.
FYI-An estimated 17,000 people, primarily women and children, are trafficked to the U.S. annually. Atlanta is a huge hub for sex trafficking.

Quotes of the day:
"If what you say about your God is true, why didn't you come sooner?"-A girl rescued from Sex Trafficking

"It's not about where you are called but WHO you are called to. Be prepared to follow God not the Ministry."-Beth Moore

"Because if you read in the book of Acts that someone switched churches because someone was a better. communicator or music style or getting in a fight with one person, we say that person’s an idiot."-Francis Chan

"Do we (Christians) just look at the Bible and say, "Oh, I don't have to take this stuff literally. It's for someone else."-Francis Chan

"I can’t name two people who have lost their ministry because of bad theology, but we can name countless people who have lost it because of their inability to manage their appetite."-Andy Stanley

"There are opportunities you should never take advantage of because they’re going to pull you away from what God has called you to. There are places you should not go just because they’re bigger and better.  You’re going to get there and realize you never should have gone because they’re bigger and messier, not better."-Andy Stanley

"Self loathing is just as selfish and prideful as self loving"-Beth Moore 

"Pride is the graveyard of all good leaders. Insecurity is the psych ward."-Beth Moore

The scriptures are NUMEROUS and I will post them on a later blog! :)
To bed I go.....Learning and growing come early in the morn!
Missing my gals, but loving time with the most incredible man.
The cutest one in plaid.
In a see of Student Pastors there is a lot of Lumber Jack plaid.
You can tell the Lead Pastors by their kaki tucked in shirts, and worship leaders by their tight pants/Froto Baggins Hair/excessive use of black and gray;).

-Excuse any typos...learning comes at a price;).

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unleash the Momma Beast

After going to see the wonderful Robert Garren play soccer tonight The Metcalfs headed on over to our beloved 
Don't roll your eyes. It's family night. That means free food!
 We went to the one in Hville bc it was closer to where we were. 
Well, much to the girls dismay they didn't have a cow or balloon fairy like the one on Hville Road. 
It was close to bed time, but we gave in and let them play on the play ground. 
The place was packed and there were two eight year old boys who could have passed for sumo wrestlers dominating the play ground. 
These two clowns were tripping each other, screaming in each other's faces, and shoving...the works.
As Brent and I sat there and observed the obnoxious behavior Brent said, "I'm getting ready to talk to these guys if it continues".
It continued.
I was stewing on the inside.
After one of them let a big yell to the little girls climbing up the stairs...
It came out.
The momma bear was unleashed.
Realizing that my hand was all up in attitude, I put it down and turned to Brent.
His mouth was wide open.
Not nearly as wide as the two has-been-bullies.
Where it came from I have no idea.
I am usually very laid back when other kids are misbehaving around us, and take on the whole "kids will be kids" attitude, bc it most certainly could be my kids acting crazy one day.
But something inside me just said, "ENOUGH!" with these two jokers.
Those tough guys were so terrified that they were in the corner devising a plan to come over and get their shoes with out unleashing the beast again.
I am pretty sure I have never heard Brent horse laugh the way he did walking back to the car.
"I was just gonna politely ask them to hold it down a bit", he said.
Promising myself I would never be one of those griping over protective moms just didn't do the trick I guess.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We picked apples.
They were a wee bit excited.
So off we went down the hill....
Nana came along.
Mommy is smart and doesn't take on a task like this with out her;).
PS- She has lost 40lbs.
It was a PERFECT day for picking.
The sun was spectacular and the temperature was delightful.
Nana taught us how to feed grass to the goats.
Then thirty minutes later at the end of their fence...
we found a food dispenser.
Oh well, the grass was free.
The goats liked it.
Marley Ruth wanted to be the momma as always.
Picking on the hills made us look like we needed to drink a little V8.
She's sitting so pretty for just soaking her Dora underwear while walking down the bamboo path near the goats.
"Hey, mom! I'm peeing!"
guess who didn't bring the diaper bag w/extra undies?
Oh well.
Good thing she wore a dress.
And nothing ends a day of apple picking better than fresh apple juice and an applesauce donut.
(or your mom and Nana making you pose for the camera and the 6 old woman watching;)